November 28, 2017 - John Weibler is recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow

John Weilber was recognized at a recent Rotary Club meeting as a Paul Harris Fellow. This honor recognizes someone who has outstandingly demonstrated a shared purpose with the objectives of the Rotary Foundation and today the club is honoring John Weibler for achieving the level of Paul Harris fellow.

Every contribution made to the foundation brings a world of peace and goodwill closer to reality. John’s contributions have enabled the Foundation to carry out programs aimed towards beneficial changes in our world including; improved living conditions, increased food production, better education, wider availability of health care services, new channels for the flow of international understanding, and brighter hopes for peace around the globe. A contribution to the rotary Foundation is an investment in the ideals held high by Rotarians the world over, and one that John, clearly shares. 

john paul harris